Calle Isabel La Católica 9 PTA 10
46004 Valencia, SPAIN
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Martínez Morales -Martínez Galvañ

Founded in 1970, the Martínez Morales Law Firm has been attending clients for over 40 years. Headed by Martínez Morales and Martínez Galvañ, a closely-knit team of law professionals specialises in Spanish administrative, civil and criminal law, assisting clients in the field of public administrations, urban planning, real estate, construction, employment, civil services and more. Today the firm has expanded its services to include other fields, with outstanding professionals attending client needs.
Throughout its consolidated history, this law firm has cultivated close contacts with teaching and educational bodies in administrative law. Of note among our multiple practice areas are legal consultancy services to the Valencia Territorial Association of Architects and the

Official Architects’ Association of the Valencia Region, ongoing participation in the drafting of legal texts, organisation of courses, masters and collaboration with the Valencia Region legal review RevistaJurí and urban development programmes in the Valencia Region, not to mention consultancy services and incident management for insurance companies.
The many publications signed by this firm are proof of its long experience in the areas of architecture, urban planning, city planning and development, real estate management and others.
Our professional track record stands witness to our expertise, combined with personalised services and face-to-face client attention from both our head lawyers and our close collaborators.