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Liability actions
Contractual liability
Extra-contractual liability
Professional liability
Liability for damages (personal and material)
Liabilities derived from building and real estate development

Non-payment claims

Intellectual property
Copyright defence

Civil and mercantile contracts
Urban leases and horizontal property
Rustic property rentals
General contracting terms
Agency, distribution, concession and franchising contracts
Contract termination and rescission procedures
Procedures on validity, interpretation and execution of civil and mercantile contracts
Claims for payment
Requests for cautionary measures

Real Estate
Ownership, possession, conveyance and administration of real estate
Real estate purchase-sales
Land management for diverse urban planning initiatives (housing, tertiary use, sports, cultural uses) and building
General consultancy services and legal and technical teams for the promotion and construction of buildings, infrastructure and installations.
Formalisation of obligatory administrative permits and licences for real estate initiatives.

Foreclosure processes
Personal guarantees (deposits) and in rem guarantees (pledges and mortgages)
Cheques and promissory notes
Judicial titles
Provisional enforcement of court judgements
Payment enforcement proceedings and foreign currency debts

Fundamental Rights Proceedings
Infringement of personal honour, intimacy and image rights

Inheritance law
Determinations and integration of estate and heirs
Challenging of testamentary dispositions
Distribution of estates

Consultancy services for insurers
Pre-judicial incident conciliation and mediation processes
Court claims for incidents

Family / Matrimonial
Civil incapacity

Hunting associations
Claims for damages